Three Best Movies That Can Change Your Bad Day Into Good

Watching movies is always entertainment for everyone; most people plan on watching movies on their weekends, spending some free time, etc. Another group of people watches movies of their favorite film stars. Would you like to know some of the new comedy Tamil movies currently available online for watching? Everyone would like to watch an exciting comedy film that makes them happy.

An interesting comedy film is a good option to avoid stress and boredom and feel happy. So, if you are expecting to watch one, it would be best for you to check the comedy movie collection in aha OTT. You can find a separate section for Tamil comedy movies in aha that would change your bad day into a good one. You can watch any movie in aha based on your liking without any limits with just a subscription.

The best Tamil comedy movies that you must watch in aha


1.      Udanpaal

Cast: The comedy film Udanpaal is directed by Karthik Seenivasan, with Linga as Param, Gayathrie as Kanmani, Vivek Prasanna as Murali, Abarnathy as Prema, and Charle as Vinayagam, playing the lead roles. Each character has perfectly played roles in expressing the film with fun and tragedy.

Story: Paraman and his sister Kanmani – Vinayagam’s children are in a difficult financial situation. The main part of the movie starts when Vinayagam dies in an unexpected tragedy. Instead of grieving, Paraman and Kanmani get greedy when they find out about the government’s compensation. Even though the movie continues with the death of Vinayagam, it is presented in a fun way, with some suspense and twists.

2.      Sabhaapathy

Cast: Sabhaapathy is a Tamil comedy film directed by R Srinivasa Rao with the production company R K Entertainment. The film stars Santhanam, one of the popular comedian actors in Tamil, as Sabhaapathy. Other prominent cast members include Preeti Verma as Savithri, M S Bhaskar as Ganapathy, Sayaji Shinde, Vamsi Krishna, etc.

 Story: Sabhaapathy movie revolves around the story of an individual named Sabhaapathy, who faces stammering issues. Instead of a sad story based on this problem, the movie is full of fun and entertainment that would make viewers laugh. The story starts with the introduction of Sabhaapathy, who is not able to find a job because of his stammering problem. Even this part is expressed in a fun way that would keep the audience interested. Unexpectedly he ran into trouble which transformed into big luck. The next part of the movie is about him handling his luck, which later becomes a threat.

3.      Idly – Inba Twinkle Lilly

Cast: The Tamil heist comedy film Idly – Inba Twinkle Lilly is directed by R K Vidhyadaran under the production company Appu Movies. It is a film starring three popular female movie stars Saranya Ponvannam as Inba, Kovai Sarala as Twinkle, and Kalpana as Lilly. Manobala, Mansoor Ali Khan, Ashmitha, and Imman Annachi are this film’s other prominent cast members.

 Story:  Idly – Inba Twinkle Lilly is quite a unique and exciting comedy movie with a bank heist planned by three women. Three women, Inba, Twinkle, and Lily, lose their hard earnings in a bank robbery. The bank manager refuses to help them by saying they hadn’t deposited the money when the robbery happened. Since these women are in need of money immediately, they plan on robbing the bank by getting help from another individual. The next part of the movie continues with how they plan the robbery, whether it will succeed, etc. Idly – Inba Twinkle Lilly is a movie with a unique comedy story and lots of suspense you would never expect.

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