How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle?

Health is wealth. We often hear this irrefutable fact. But, still, with each passing day, we are struggling with unhealthy body and mind issues. The fundamental question arises that what it is like to live a healthy lifestyle? In this article, we’ll have the know-how of an active lifestyle to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

Requirements of healthy living

  1. Balanced Diet: Our physical and mental health largely depends on the food we eat. So, a balanced diet full of crucial vitamins, minerals and other micro macronutrients is of utmost necessity to keep us rejuvenated and energised.

It includes proper intake of fruits, veggies rich in fibre along with protein-rich meals like eggs, cheese etc. Another important thing to emphasize is limited or no processed sugar intake for effective physical and mental health.

  1. Proper Sleep: Sleep is the required fuel to run smoothly. Sleep helps the tired cells of the body to rest and gain energy to function efficiently for the next day. Statistics reveal that people having proper sleep live longer than those who have imbalanced sleep.

People, especially youngsters should have sleep duration of 7 to 8 hours. More importantly, timings for sleep should be appropriate to maintain the health standards of body and mind.

  1. Physical Activity: To maintain a healthy lifestyle, the only diet can’t do the wonders. Modern science states that any type of physical exercise which brings the body out of its comfort zone comes in immensely handy for active living.

Medical experts suggest that everyone should perform at least 30 minutes of physical workout like lifting weights, dance, playing sports etc.

Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Meditation: Often maintaining our physical health, we ignore the importance of mental well-being. Meditation has proven to be the key need for a calm and peaceful mind. Daily 20 minutes of meditation in the morning can lay a foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

Scientific researchers have unraveled that Meditation boosts self-confidence, happiness and keep us protected from negative emotions like overthinking, anxiety etc.

  1. A Fixed Schedule: To maintain healthy living, the only diet doesn’t play an instrumental role. But, the timings and gaps between the meals have a huge influence on our health. It is often advised to have a heavy breakfast, moderate lunch and as light as possible dinner.

Moreover, the Body should be given proper time to digest the food so dinner should be taken 2 to 3 hours before sleep to feel light at bedtime. Apart from this, a maximum 3 hours gap should be allowed between two meals to prevent extreme hunger.

Without health, every achievement fades. An active lifestyle positively influences our peace, work-life, personal relationships etc. Indeed, health is wealth.


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